Body Language

10 Audio Books, Reports, An Infographic & 20 Full Color Downloadable Posters

10 Audio Books, Reports, An Infographic & 20 Full Color Downloadable Posters

Body Language is SO important in life, be it dating, job interviews or just day-to-day work and family.

Confident body language is a good thing, but how many of us know what we are saying with our bodies?

Are you aware of what you say when you cross your arms?

Here are some tips to show just how confident you are.

Get a grip! A nice, solid firm handshake is often your calling card. You don’t want to be a cold, dead fish, but you don’t want to put the person you are greeting in a cast either, so practice your grip, and shake!

Smile! Big white teeth and a happy grin show everyone you are happy and confident. If you smile at someone else, it’s nearly impossible for them to not smile in return. So smile, it increases your face value! Which brings us to…

Smell nice! Looking like you picked your clothes out of the hamper and smelling like last week’s garbage is probably not the message you really want to send. It’s hard to smile a big smile if your teeth are scuzzy from a lack of brushing. So do yourself and everyone else a favor, make sure you are properly bathed and dressed when you leave the house.

Stand up straight! What your mamma always said was true, slouching is for losers. Standing up straight makes it look like you know what you are doing, even if that isn’t the case. It also makes you look like you are healthy enough to show up, whether it be at work or to a date.

Walk on! When you walk up to someone, do it with a long stride, not mincing little steps that make you look like you are too timid to live! A long stride goes a long way toward showing someone you are confident and comfortable in your skin.
Look up! ALWAYS make eye contact. If you are speaking with anyone for any reason in person, then look them in the eyes. Failing to do so will likely cause them to believe you aren’t trustworthy.

Be still! Keep your hands folded nicely in your lap the way your mother taught you. Picking and poking and messing about with your hands annoys most everyone in general, and it makes you look like you are frightened of something, or perhaps too nervous to function. Use your hands in a way that will help you – such as gesturing to make a point. Otherwise, keep those puppies folded and quiet.

Subjects covered include:

    • Eye Contact & Shaking Hands
    • Body Language Tips
    • Touching and Body Language
    • The Invisible Body Language
    • Interviews and Body Language
    • How Nervous Tics Are Perceived
    • How To Read Teenage Body Language
    • Body Language and Your Confidence
    • Spotting Winners Through Body Language

    10 audio books, reports, an infographic and 20 full color downloadable posters are included for you.

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Mark Cohen
Mark Cohen
Mark Cohen is an alumnus of New York Medical College among other institutions and is a life member of MENSA, the international high IQ society.
Mark started his business career with $85 and became a self-made multimillionaire by revolutionizing the business opportunity industry with his "licensee" concept.
Designated "Young Entrepreneur of the Year" at age 25, he started many companies which grew internationally in scope. One such company was listed on the front cover of INC Magazine's annual issue of the "500 Fastest-Growing Privately Held Firms in America" - 4 years consecutively.
He has been named in Outstanding Young Men in America as well as many Who's Who publications and has received numerous awards and widespread recognition for the many businesses and services he has created and operated.
An author of several books, Mark is also the founder, director and inventor of a non-profit 47-year-old international medical/hospital defective product recall warning alert system currently used by the majority of hospitals throughout the USA.

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